Stump Grinding and Mulching

Eliminate Ugly Stumps

Eliminate Ugly Stumps

Find out how our stump grinding process works in Marshall, MO

A tree stump can be an eyesore on your property. When you want to address a stump, call Wise Tree Service LLC for stump grinding services. We'll remove the stump from your residential or commercial property in Marshall, MO.

Our team will complete the job by:

  • Cutting the largest part of the stump down
  • Using a stump grinder to remove what's left
  • Digging up the roots below ground level
  • Filling the hole with soil or mulch

When we're through, you can plant grass seeds or install sod where the stump used to be. To get started, ask us for a free estimate on stump grinding services now.

Our stump grinder will reduce your stump to mulch. If you would like to use that mulch on your landscape, you can opt for our tree stump mulching services. Use the mulch to:

  • Give nutrients to your plant beds
  • Top off the mulch already on your landscape
  • Fill the hole where the stump was

When you're ready to book tree stump mulching services, call 479-857-6330 right away. You can also email us.