Get Overgrown Hedges Under Control

Get Overgrown Hedges Under Control

Schedule our professional hedge trimming services in Marshall, MO

Have your box hedges lost their shape? Do your bushes look wild and overgrown? You can hire Wise Tree Service LLC to give your plants a manicured look on residential or commercial property in Marshall, MO.

We offer:

  • Hedge trimming services
  • Shrub trimming services
  • Bush trimming services

Our team will work hard to trim precise lines and shapes into your plants. For a free estimate on bush, shrub or hedge trimming services, call 479-857-6330 now.

You can keep up with hedge, shrub and bush trimming throughout the summer to keep your plants looking tidy. If you have flowering shrubs that bloom in the spring, trim them in the early summer. If they bloom in the summer, aim for the winter or early spring. If you have shrubs that don't flower, trim them after their growth for the season is complete.

Reach out to our team right away if you have any questions about trimming your plants.